Leisure and Entertainment

My Slovenian roommates had friends coming into Beijing for a few days and they decided that they wanted to spend the weekend camping on the Great Wall. I had climbed the Great Wall before but I had never camped overnight on it. It was definitely on my bucket list of things to do in Beijing.

All these sorts of noodles you can eat everywhere, but the best ones are these served in a little noodle restaurant. Such little restaurants flourish abundantly in the little hutongs of Beijing.

Every four years, World Cup Fever sweeps the international community. All across the world, people have gathered to watch the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Beijing has been no exception. The World Cup is one of the hottest topics in our Chinese group class. All of our students have watched closely to see which teams make it through the rounds and become World Cup champions.

Tennis is a great sport to play in the summer, fall, and spring in Beijing. Beijing has many indoor and outdoor courts to play on.